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The next entry in the Terminator franchise appears to be bringing a new take on what Terminators can look like.   

Terminator 1 had the relentless, seemingly indestructible T-800 Terminator cyborg, which was frightening at the time as it seemed near indestructible. Terminator 2 (and 3) then introduced something even more fearsome, a liquid terminator which could assume the shape of anyone and seemingly easily walk away from anything, including being frozen by nitrogen gas and blasted into smithereens.

However, as seen in the trailer below (if you look carefully) it seems there is a new terminator on the block in Terminator Genisys. This looks like a cross between the two; boasting the brute force of the machine heavy T-800 and the fluidity of the T-1000.

Moreover, its skeletal metal appearance is more than a little reminiscent of Kevin Bacon’s transformation in Hollow Man, for those whose memories extend that far. If not, you can always check out the trailer below.


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