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One of the more hyped games leading up to E3 2018, Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed in full by the company at their Direct E3 2018 event recently, with a jam-packed roster being delivered. To that end, Nintendo has confirmed that all the characters that have ever appeared in the series to date, including one-time additions and DLC offerings, will be a part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Along with bolstering the roster of playable characters, a few notable features of the previous game will return too, such as 8-player battles, which take place on stages with multiple levels to ensure the actioned doesn't get too crowded.

There are also a few new modes, some of which are quite interesting. The Squid Sisters for example, will put on a concert in the background of a battle, with the in-game camera zooming in slowly on them. As the screen area shrinks, it will result in KOs to the characters found too close to the edge. Other additions to the gameplay include the ability to attack while climbing up ladders in different arenas, as well as rapid attack mode and dashing to cancel out attacks.

As for when gamers will be able to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, this title is set for launch on 7 December.


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