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The appetite for AI and data science is increasing, and it seems like Africa wants in on the action. According to Nvidia, registrations from African nations for this week’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC), tripled from the spring (our autumn) edition of this AI-focussed event. 

Unfortunately for South Africa, it’s Nigeria who claimed the most interest from the continent, having the third most registered attendees for countries in the EMEA region, ahead of France, Italy and Spain. Five other African nations were among the region’s top 15 for registrants: Egypt (No. 6), Tunisia (No. 7), Ghana (No. 9), South Africa (No. 11) and Kenya (No. 12).

Nvidia believes the numbers demonstrate the growing interest among Africa-based developers to access content, information and expertise centered around AI, data sciences, robotics and high-performance computing. Developers are using these technologies as a platform to create accelerated computing applications that address local challenges.

Global Conference, Localised Content

Among speakers at GTC were several members of NVIDIA Emerging Chapters, a new programme that enables local communities in emerging economies to build and scale their AI, data science and graphics projects. Such highly localised content empowers developers from these areas and raises awareness of their unique challenges and needs, says Nvidia.

For example, tinyML Kenya, a community of machine learning researchers and practitioners, spoke on the impacts of healthcare, education, conservation and climate change as a force for good in emerging markets. Zindi, Africa’s first data science competition platform, participated in a session about bridging the AI education gap among developers, IT professionals and students on the continent. 

Multiple African organisations and universities also spoke at GTC about how developers in the region and emerging markets are using AI to build innovations that address local challenges. Among them were Kenya Adanian Labs, Cadi Ayyad University of Morocco, Data Science Africa, Python Ghana, and Nairobi Women in Machine Learning & Data Science. 

Several Africa-based members of NVIDIA Inception, a free programme designed to empower cutting-edge startups, spoke about the AI revolution underway in the continent and other emerging areas., minoHealth, Fastagger and ARMA were among the 70+ Inception startups who presented at the conference.

Engaging Developers Everywhere

While AI developers and startup founders come from all over the world, Nvidia believes developers in emerging areas face unique circumstances and opportunities. This means global representation and localised access become even more important to bolster developer ecosystems in emerging markets. 

Through NVIDIA Emerging Chapters, grassroots organisations and communities can provide developers access to the NVIDIA Developer Program and course credits for the Nvidia Deep Learning Institute, helping bridge new paths to AI development in the region.

Learn more about AI in emerging markets, or if you have chance, watch Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote address below.


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