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When Sony debuted its Project Morpheus virtual reality concept back in March last year, we quickly realised that a pun jar had to be made for all The Matrix references that would be made thereafter. More importantly however, it marked the first real effort in quite some time to explore the potential applications of virtual reality technology, Oculus' sizeable efforts notwithstanding of course. Fast forward one year, and Sony has used the Game Developers Conference, held in San Francisco, to showcase the latest prototype for Project Morpheus.

In terms of look nothing much has changed, which is a good thing in our books, as the first Morpheus concept could of been plucked straight out of a Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy, Oblivion) film. Instead, Sony's efforts have been pushed towards enhancing the Morpheus' internal specs, and offer a richer gaming VR experience.

Is it The One?

The changes are derived from feedback given by developers and industry influencers who've had time to play with the Morpheus. One such change, is the upgrade to a 5.7" OLED display (1920xRGBx1080), a sizeable increase to the 5" LCD version the first prototype sported. This new display will increase wearers' field of view, as well as remove unwanted motion blurs, according to Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has also listed the display's output at 120 fps.

Designed to be paired with Sony's next-gen PS4 console. An update will roll out to consoles, allowing it to play 120 fps content when the Morpheus is paired. Added to this, the Playstation Camera (should you have one), will also aid in improving image accuracy as wearers move.

For now, this newly enhanced prototype will only be destined for the heads of developers, who we hope will be working feverishly to create content for the Morpheus. As fas as a commercial release goes, Sony has tentatively stamped a first half of 2016 release date on Project Morpheus. How much it will cost however, is virtually impossible to say at this stage.

Apart from Oculus, Sony has noteworthy competition in the form of Valve and HTC's Vive offering, which was on show at Mobile World Congress 15.  


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