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It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to call astronauts modern day superheroes. It's the type of profession that not everybody has the guts or the skills for, plus there is certainly a great deal of danger involved. As such, reports that SpaceX has tapped superhero costume designer Jose Fernandez to design the new space suits for its astronauts makes plenty of sense. 

Fernandez' work can be seen in two of the latest superhero flicks to hit the big screen, Dawn of Justice (review) and Civil War (review), but coincidentally his efforts were not credited on the former movie. While we doubt the new wave of astronauts will be donning capes and cowls, in recent interviews with Bleep and Tested, Fernandez confirmed his collaboration with SpaceX to design suits for space exploration. 

Fernandez has not detailed when these suits will see the light of day, but he expects the first images of them to debut within the next year. Either way, we can't wait to see what Fernandez and SpaceX come up with, as his designs might likely be huge departures from the bulky suits we've seen in the past and hopefully resemble the sleeker versions we've seen in Hollywood movies.  

Hit play on the Tested video below to see some of Fernandez' work. 


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