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The first full length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has long since debuted, and geeks the world over have been theorising why these two DC icons would fight one another, and more importantly how Bruce Wayne could stand up to the Kryptonian. While these questions still linger, a new teaser clip from Dawn of Justice has just been released, muddying the waters even further.  

In it Superman unmasks a captured and restrained Batman, leaving us pondering quite a bit. The clip finds Batman wearing a duster jacket/batsuit combo. You might remember it from the first Dawn of Justice trailer narrated by Jeremy Irons' Alfred. We also see a bunch of armed militia with Superman badges on their shoulders. The question is why Superman would indeed need a small army? Better yet, why would Batman let himself be captured? Perhaps most intriguing of all is why Superman needs to remove Batman's cowl? He has x-ray vision, so he more than likely knows it's Bruce Wayne.  

Either way, this latest teaser leaves us with more questions than answers. As such, it's probably why Warner Bros. unveiled it in the first place, in an attempt to further hype up the film's March 2016 release. Hit play below and see the new teaser video, as well as the full length trailer after that. 


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