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Telkom has announced a significant change to its fixed line, uncapped offerings. The service provider unveiled an initiative designed to allow consumers to choose their internet speeds and get uncapped data and unlimited anytime Telkom voice calls for free. In addition, consumers will also receive at least 1GB of mobile data per month.

Telkom’s Unlimited Home offering

From 31 August, existing uncapped customers will automatically be upgraded to the new Unlimited Home Plans at higher speeds. Telkom plans to take phased approach to the migration for existing uncapped customers, aiming to fully make the switch within eight weeks. Customers will be upgraded from 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps and from 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps or 10 Mbps respectively.

The Unlimited Home plans’ entry level speeds will now be 4 Mbps going up to 100 Mbps on fibre. The service offers uncapped data, with the industry’s most generous Fair Use Policy (FUP) yet, at least according to Telkom. Furthermore, data downloaded between 12:00 midnight and 7:00 AM will not not count towards the fair usage policy.

The new package pricing are as follows:

4 Mbps - R599 p/m (FUP starts at 360 GB)
10 Mbps - R799 p/m (FUP starts at 900 GB)
20 Mbps - R999 p/m (FUP starts at 1800 GB)
40 Mbps - R1299 p/m (FUP starts at 3.6 TB)
100 Mbps - R1699 p/m (FUP starts at 6 TB)

“South Africans want more affordable data and that’s what we are giving them. We are reducing the cost to communicate and making the internet more accessible,” said Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai.


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