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This year's film awards season (apart from the outcry regarding a lack of diversity) is a buzz with praise for The Revenant. The Alejandro G. Inarritu film, whose past works include Birdman and Babel, tells the true story of frontiersman Hugh Glass (played by a wildly bearded Leonardo diCaprio), and his remarkable journey to claim vengeance.

Anyone who has watched the film will tell you it's an intense two and a half hours of viewing, which is why this recently released mashup video from Vimeo user Created by One Perfect Shot is great, as it cuts the high paced action from one of the film's major sequences with Tony Hawk Pro Skater-inspired graphics.  

It starts off on the main game screen, as viewers see the gamer flip through a number of locales, all of which are COLD, with the exception of Pro Skater's famous Warehouse. Once the arena is chosen, so starts the action, as Glass tries to escape fire from enemy arrows and spears, mounting his trusted horsey and fleeing.

Hit play on the video below and enjoy in anticipation for the upcoming weekend. We've also added The Revenant's official trailer in case you need sobering up.  



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