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This past weekend, a number of exciting and intriguing trailers surfaced on YouTube. Some of them were for brand new projects like Baby Driver, an original film written and directed by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and others were promos for movies we can't wait to see, such as the Meet Walter clip for Alien: Covenant. 

To make life a bit easier for you, we've compiled all the best new trailers you may have missed this past weekend below, saving you the hassle of trawling through YouTube. Scroll down further and enjoy. 

Trailer: Atomic Blonde (Red Band)
Synopsis: Charlize Theron plays Lorraine Broughton, a bad-ass British assassin who's tasked with finding out who's killing all of MI6's best agents. If the trailer is anything to go by, this one should be action packed and serve as a nice second helping for those who didn't get their full fix from John Wick 2. It's also NSFW, so don't watch it at your office cubicle.    
Release date: 28 July 2017 (United States)
Best bit: A top notch tussle at 0:38. 

Trailer: Wonder Woman (Official origin)
Synopsis: One of the best parts of Dawn of Justice, we can't wait to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman once again. This time round, we'll trace her first introduction to the world of man, as well as her tangle with Ares the god of war. This latest trailer details her formative years and training on Themyscira, home of the Amazons. Her origins are also hinted at, but never fully revealed, something the fully fledged movie will cover.   
Release date: 2 June 2017 (United States)
Best bit: Putting the gauntlets to use at 0:42. 

Trailer: Win It All
Synopsis: We've all got our vices. For Eddie Garrett, played by Jake Johnson of New Girl, it's gambling. In this Netflix original movie, Garrett's gambling problems get compounded by a duffle bag filled with cash that someone leaves with him to keep safe. When he decides to open the bag, things just spiral out of control.   
Release date: 7 April 2017 (Global)
Best bit: Garrett's reaction after opening the bag at 0:30. 

Trailer: Meet Walter (Alien: Covenant)
Synopsis: Designed as a meta-advert for Alien: Covenant. Meet Walter showcases the creation process of the android that Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Apocalypse) portrays in Ridley Scott's latest film. It also invites viewers to interact with Walter at a website, which also features the eerie soundtrack as the video below. How this new version of android compares to David from Prometheus, also played by Fassbender, remains to be seen.  
Release date: 18 May 2017 (Germany)
Best bit: The soundtrack. 

Trailer: Baby Driver
Synopsis: If your parents decide to name you Baby, you've got to make up for it cool-ness. As evidenced in the trailer below Baby (Ansel Elgort) has it in abundance, plus some pretty nifty driving skills to boot. This film comes from Edgar Wright, whose previous efforts with the Cornetto Trilogy, makes us immediately interested in this one. There's also a stellar supporting cast with Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx joining the action.  
Release date: 11 August 2017 (United States)
Best bit: Seeing someone still using an iPod. 


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