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Here is a bit of potentially controversial news. Apparently, the forthcoming Twilight Princess HD remake for the Wii U will have an extra dungeon called The Twilight Cave, but this will only be available if you have picked up the Wolf Link amiibo.

At present, the game looks set to launch either with the amiibo as a back or standalone, and according to Eurogamer, the amiibo would also be made available separately. We do foresee one problem with this – past amiibo’s that were particularly popular sold out quickly and became exceedingly difficult to get hold of. Tying exclusive content to it seems like a risky proposition. Of course, Nintendo could always shore that up by making the DLC available through its Wii U eShop as well.

At present though, this news comes not from Nintendo, but from Amazon France, which also divulged that Legend of Zelda amiibos will also unlock other bonuses ingame, such as obtaining arrows for one’s bow and regenerating your life.

The game, and its accompanying amiibo, is slated to arrive in March, which gives one a little more than a month to decide whether a long ride through Hyrule, and another turn at letting loose haunting wolf songs, is once again in order.


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