By Andrew Gould 12 June 2008


America has recently been through what has been called the big “credit crunch”. At the core of this problem lies the fact that it became too easy for businesses and consumers to borrow money from banks.

It was great for consumers in the very short term until a large proportion of them went bust because they couldn’t afford the debt they’d acquired. Then things got really out of hand, because it had knock on effects for the rest of the world, one of these being that a number 1 McMeal now costs R23.95.

So unless you want the price of everything to keep going up, and fast, it’s time to start controlling the way you spend money. A good way of doing this is by getting to grips with The Other Software Company’s software, Financial Advisor. Whether you’re helping your staff to manage their money better, helping yourself, or even teaching school kids about money, this software suite is a good place to start. The suite includes 5 modules to help you manage your money better. They will help you with your:

Home Budget

To determine how much you have available each month and where your money is going. This module helps you curb bad spending habits.

Mortgage and Loan

Optimise your mortgage and monthly payments by determining whether it would be a good idea to increase your monthly mortgage contributions.

Financial Planning

Plan for your children ’s education as well as your retirement, allowing you to determine how much you have for unforeseen expenses.


To determine if your current savings plan will be able to meet your retirement needs. If your plan is not sufficient the software can help you determine how much more you need to save.

Get Financial Advisor for R299 from or call H&A on 011- 789-6181 for more info.

Financial Advisor offers a complete suite of 5 applications to help manage your financials.
None as far as we could tell.

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