Asus unveils Tinker Board for DIY fans

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 23 January 2017

For fans of the Raspberry Pi, Asus releases its own DIY offering called the Tinker Board. FULL STORY >


The BoseBuild Speaker Cube is $150 DIY kit for kids

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 29 June 2016

Trying to attract fans to its hardware from an early age, Bose debuts its new Speaker Cube that kids can build themselves. FULL STORY >


EZ Robots land in The Gadget Shop

By Staff Writer 4 March 2015

More than toys, the new range of EZ Robot offerings are now available in SA through The Gadget Shop, giving enthusiasts the chance to get creative. FULL STORY >


Hot New Products - July 2013

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 July 2013

If you are wondering what new tech products are standing out from the crowd of late, here are our picks. FULL STORY >


How to make a Matrix themed keyboard

By MJ Stephenson 9 July 2010

Remember the beat-up looking keyboards in The Matrix? Let's combine it with the green and black theme used in the movie via some LED lights. FULL STORY >


How to supercharge your iPod

By MJ Stephenson 14 April 2010

Our DIY Dude shows you how to install Rockbox and Game Boy games on your iPod FULL STORY >


How to fix your iPod

By MJ Stephenson 14 April 2010

Stuck with a broken iPod? Our DIY Dude shows you how to replace the battery and the headphone jack. FULL STORY >


How to create a PC remote control

By MJ Stephenson 6 April 2010

Remote controls for PCs are few and far between but making your own infra-red receiver is real easy and allows you to use your TV or Hi-Fi remote with your computer. FULL STORY >


How to make Floating Pool Speakers

By Andrew Gould 7 October 2009

Our step-by-step guide to making Floating Pool Speakers for your summer holidays. There is nothing more relaxing than lounging on your lilo and listening to your favourite tunes as they gently float by. FULL STORY >


How to Print a Wooden Bumper-sticker

By Andrew Gould 11 September 2009

A step by step guide to making a wooden bumpersticker to show just how green you are. FULL STORY >



By Lance Terner 7 September 2009

A guide to setting up your own VPN. Web resources and services that will ensure you keep your data private on public networks. FULL STORY >


How to Augment Your Reality

By Andrew Gould 3 August 2009

Youll probably also have heard of virtual reality, but have you heard of augmented reality or ǣAR? FULL STORY >


How to make a Teddy Bear Nanny-Cam

By Andrew Gould 2 July 2009

Leaving your child in the hands of a stranger can be disconcerting. Heres how to make a Teddy Bear Nanny-Cam that will keep an eye on out on your behalf. FULL STORY >


How to Make a Rear-Projection Screen

By Andrew Gould 9 June 2009

If youre upgrading from an old tube-style TV to a flat screen, or if your current flat screen is just not big enough, why dont you consider a rear projection screen. FULL STORY >


DIY Drool Tools

By Andrew Gould 9 June 2009

Our DIY Dude put on his safety goggles and went to find the best DIY tools money can buy.

Do it Yourself may be a hobby for some, but for others its serious business requiring serious tools. FULL STORY >

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