Fortnite players dodge a cybersecurity bullet

By Ryan Noik 17 January 2019

It was recently confirmed that Fortnite had a particularly onerous flaw – a security vulnerability that cybercriminals could have exploited to do extensive harm. FULL STORY >


Rapper sues Fortnite developer for stealing his moves

By Staff Writer 6 December 2018

Don’t steal my moves. That’s what rapper 2 Milly is telling the folks over at Epic Games. FULL STORY >


Megarom teams up with Epic Games to bring Fortnite apparel range

By Staff Writer 23 October 2018

Megarom Interactive has partnered with none other than Epic Games to launch a range of Fortnite apparel locally. FULL STORY >


Oculus and Epic showcases potential of VR controllers with Bullet Train demo

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 25 September 2015

Back in June, Oculus debuted its new VR headset and controllers. Now they have teamed up with Epic to showcase the gaming potential of its VR controllers. FULL STORY >


Cliff Bleszinski leaves Epic Games

By Ryan Noik 8 October 2012

A recent loss of several luminaries in the games industry begs the question what impact this will have moving forward. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - The Hope Lives edition

By Ryan Noik 13 April 2012

In this weeks Gaming News Round-up: EA is looking to bring Need for Speed to the silver screen, whilst the Bulletstorm sequel is shelved and Crysis 3 is leaked. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - EUFA EURO 2012 edition

By Staff Writer 30 March 2012

In gaming this week: Euro 2012 will be coming to FIFA 12 via DLC, the FBI has its eyes set on games and new Forza Motorsport 4 DLC on the way. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - Console rumour edition

By Hanleigh Daniels 21 October 2011

In this week's Gaming News Round-up - rumours abound about Microsoft's next Xbox console as well as Sony's PlayStation 3 follow-up. FULL STORY >


Gears of War 3 release date set

By Hanleigh Daniels 14 April 2010

Epic Games have announced the release date for the final chapter in the popular Gears of War story. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Roundup Alan Wake is done

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 April 2010

In gaming headlines this week, Remedy Entertainment completes Alan Wake and EA goes racing for real with Team Need for Speed. FULL STORY >

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