HP reveals how it will transform IT industry Part 1

By Ryan Noik 15 February 2012

HP's latest reveal of Project Voyager and launch of its new ProLiant Gen8 Servers may be one of the most positively disruptive technologies introduced to the business world and enterprise users in a long time. FULL STORY >


HP reveals how it will transform IT industry Part 2

By Ryan Noik 15 February 2012

HP's new ProLiant Gen8 Servers' strongest case for its viability may come not only from a number of new features, but from some impressive savings and benefits. FULL STORY >


HP - How green IT can reduce costs, increase productivity

By Staff Writer 3 February 2012

All businesses must be prepared to address the challenges and opportunities associated with energy use, and IT is the catalyst that can help reduce their impact and costs in the short-term and transform their business for the low-carbon... FULL STORY >


HP reveals more details of open source webOS

By Ryan Noik 26 January 2012

This week, HP released further details on its now open source webOS operating system, by announcing the release of Enyo. FULL STORY >


HP Deskjet 3070A

By Ryan Noik 13 January 2012

The HP Deskjet 3070A is an attractive device that offers ease of use along with excellent colour reproduction. FULL STORY >


HP - tips for data protection

By Staff Writer 12 January 2012

With many employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work, expecting full access to the company network, corporate and confidential data can be all too easily exposed. FULL STORY >


HP launches new PC products

By Ryan Noik 4 January 2012

HP today announced a number of new products ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. FULL STORY >


HP to contribute webOS to open source

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 December 2011

HP has revealed its plans for its webOS smartphone and tablet operating system. FULL STORY >


Top 5 Notebooks of 2011

By Mike Joubert 12 December 2011

Intel's second generation Core processors started making their way into a number of new notebooks this year. We loved it, and a number of machines loved the extra power too. Here are our Top 5 notebooks of 2011. FULL STORY >


Efficient practices to reduce data centre heat loads

By Staff Writer 9 December 2011

Existing data centres have had three major operational and fiscal constraints - power, cooling and space. As existing data centres are required to support increasingly dense configurations, power and cooling requirements can outstrip the... FULL STORY >


HP acquires Hiflex Software

By Hanleigh Daniels 6 December 2011

HP's latest acquisition is German-based software solutions provider Hiflex. FULL STORY >


HP EliteBook 8460P

By Ryan Noik 30 November 2011

The HP EliteBook 8460P strikes many of the right notes, particularly for business users looking for excellent performance and who can forgive the extra weight. FULL STORY >


Whitman reveals strategy for reviving HP

By Ryan Noik 24 November 2011

In an open letter released this week, HP CEO Meg Whitman laid out her plans for getting HP back on course in the year ahead. FULL STORY >


HP announces new Envy notebooks

By Ryan Noik 16 November 2011

HP today announced redesigned versions of its Envy notebooks, which include a 15.6 FULL STORY >


Panasonic gets tough on the tablet competition

By Ryan Noik 9 November 2011

Panasonic has announced that it will add two tablets to its Toughbook range. FULL STORY >

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