Having just a service desk is not service management

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

Information Technology (IT) has become an essential component of practically every business today, underpinning the basic functioning of the enterprise. As such, providing effective IT services is critical to the efficiency and profitability... FULL STORY >


Get ready for the future

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

In an eye-opening round table discussion, Brad Pulford, director at Dell, lifted the lid on the current state of the industry and why the company believes IT needs to be future ready. FULL STORY >


Experiential design holds new key to distinguish your brand

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

As brands aim to stand out from the clutter, building an engaging experience around one’s product has become an imperative. Craig Perry, head of sales at DMX Africa promotes the virtues that experiential design can offer. FULL STORY >


Harnessing the power of apps to improve service delivery

By Staff Writer 5 August 2014

With the increasing affordability and pervasiveness of smartphones and tablets, apps have rapidly become a part of everyday life. From games and messaging to banking, handy tools and more, apps have revolutionised the way people interact... FULL STORY >


Dell launches its new Cloud services offering

By Ryan Noik 18 July 2014

The latest services that Dell has added to its broad portfolio focus on one of the more persistent megatrends reshaping the industry, namely the cloud. FULL STORY >


MTN offers free airtime to Prepaid and Top Up customers till 30 June

By Staff Writer 23 June 2014

MTN has announced a new free airtime incentive for its Prepaid and Top Up customers from now, up until Monday, 30 June 2014. FULL STORY >


BMW ConnectedDrive launches locally for South African drivers

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 17 June 2014

BMW recently announced the launch of its ConnectedDrive range of in-car services and apps, which will be available for select vehicles ordered at local dealers from July onwards. FULL STORY >


Managed services not all or nothing

By Staff Writer 11 June 2014

As an increasing number of organisations consider outsourcing all or part of their IT to improve efficiency or lower costs, managed services become an attractive option. However, there are several points businesses should understand about managed services... FULL STORY >


Avoiding common failure points of Service Management projects

By Staff Writer 8 April 2014

Many organisations embark on Service Management improvement programs, particularly with regard to IT Service Management (ITSM), only for the projects to fail to deliver the anticipated benefits. FULL STORY >


Avoiding common failure points of Service Management

By Staff Writer 24 March 2014

Opinion Piece: Avoiding common failure points of Service Management projects and ensuring success with three key aspects. FULL STORY >


Vodacom reveals My5 value added service for prepaid customers

By Staff Writer 21 August 2013

Vodacom announces its new value added service for prepaid customers called My5. FULL STORY >


MTN reinstates BIS for R59 per month

By Staff Writer 15 July 2013

BlackBerry Absolute disappears as MTN reintroduces BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for R59 per month. FULL STORY >


Hotmail is no more, long live Outlook.com

By Hanleigh Daniels 6 May 2013

Microsoft completes the migration process for all Hotmail users to Outlook.com. FULL STORY >


Location Based Services expected to thrive

By Ryan Noik 5 February 2013

Location Based Services is expected to become a growing and potentially very lucrative arena in its own right in the years ahead. FULL STORY >


Nokia to enhance music streaming with Music Plus

By Hanleigh Daniels 28 January 2013

Nokia announces a new subscription-based upgrade to Mix Radio called Music+. FULL STORY >

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