Samsung Launches an Online Repair Booking Service

By Staff Writer 13 March 2015

Samsung Electronics South Africa has launched a new online Cyber Service Centre, enabling customers to pre-book the repair of their mobile devices at a service centre and time that is convenient to them. FULL STORY >


TomTom shows support for small business by partnering with the National Small Business Chamber

By Staff Writer 4 March 2015

TomTom Africa is proud to announce that it has partnered with the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) to supply approximately 75 000 members with location services, including an Address Validation... FULL STORY >


Travel with ease with new AA Rescue Service mobi app suite

By Staff Writer 3 March 2015

The AA has released their free AA Rescue Service mobi app suite, which gives users access to a full suite of rescue services and assistance at a click of a button. FULL STORY >


Mobile apps help government connect with citizens, enhance service delivery

By Staff Writer 2 March 2015

Smart cities are fast becoming a reality across the globe, driven by the interconnectedness of devices that communicate and provide information that leads to intelligent automation, decision and actions. FULL STORY >


Will Eggsy be the new (young) Han Solo?

By Ryan Noik 25 February 2015

Taron Egerton, who plays Eggsy in the terrifically fun Kingsman: The Secret Service, has been earmarked to play a young Han Solo. FULL STORY >


Share the love - the Zen of cloud communications

By Staff Writer 25 February 2015

“Imagine phoning a call centre and they know who you are before you announce yourself, including your previous service history and social media comments about them. Why don’t more companies have such a deep understanding of their customers? FULL STORY >


Geek News Highlights - The Bumper Geek Edition

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 18 February 2015

This week's Highlights is full to the gills with all manner of Geeky goodness. Cryptic concept art for X-Men: Apocalypse debuts, NASA captures interstellar soundscapes and more death comes to Game of Thrones. FULL STORY >


Kingsman: Secret Service review

By Ryan Noik 5 February 2015

It’s not often that a spy movie these days genuinely surprises, but Kingsman: Secret Service is a fun, witty and genuinely enjoyable escapist romp that should have both James Bond and Jason Bourne watching their back. FULL STORY >


Securing the new era of big data

By Staff Writer 20 January 2015

In the digital age, information is the new currency. And in order to get information, enterprises are mining data – and lots of it – for the knowledge that it can yield. On the scale of Internet commerce or social networks, the amount of data can be pretty... FULL STORY >


Thou Shall Not Pass!

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

Modern access control is a new breed of security that goes far beyond keeping the doors closed to the wrong people. James Francis enters the fray. FULL STORY >


Having just a service desk is not service management

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

Information Technology (IT) has become an essential component of practically every business today, underpinning the basic functioning of the enterprise. As such, providing effective IT services is critical to the efficiency and profitability... FULL STORY >


Get ready for the future

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

In an eye-opening round table discussion, Brad Pulford, director at Dell, lifted the lid on the current state of the industry and why the company believes IT needs to be future ready. FULL STORY >


Experiential design holds new key to distinguish your brand

By Staff Writer 8 December 2014

As brands aim to stand out from the clutter, building an engaging experience around one’s product has become an imperative. Craig Perry, head of sales at DMX Africa promotes the virtues that experiential design can offer. FULL STORY >


Harnessing the power of apps to improve service delivery

By Staff Writer 5 August 2014

With the increasing affordability and pervasiveness of smartphones and tablets, apps have rapidly become a part of everyday life. From games and messaging to banking, handy tools and more, apps have revolutionised the way people interact... FULL STORY >


Dell launches its new Cloud services offering

By Ryan Noik 18 July 2014

The latest services that Dell has added to its broad portfolio focus on one of the more persistent megatrends reshaping the industry, namely the cloud. FULL STORY >

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