Opinion - TV White Spaces: a Gamechanger for Rural Internet Rollout

By Opinion 5 July 2018

By publishing regulations on the use of Television White Spaces, South Africa’s Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) has paved the way for two significant turning points in the country’s rollout of Internet... FULL STORY >


Alphabet has used machine learning to improve Project Loon

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 17 February 2017

The team behind Project Loon have developed a smarter way to beam down bandwidth to areas in need of it. FULL STORY >


Are we running out of wireless bandwidth?

By Press Release 15 September 2016

When you work for one of the world’s biggest and best technology companies, you’re always on call to provide tech support. I remember fixing a family member’s Wi-Fi connection that had slowed to a crawl. “Maybe our Wi-Fi’s nearly full?”... FULL STORY >


VoIP: How to plan for bandwidth and calculate costs savings

By Staff Writer 7 September 2015

Moving your business phone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a number of potential advantages over traditional models of telephony. FULL STORY >


All you need is the air that you breathe… and bandwidth

By Staff Writer 17 June 2015

Brian Timperley of Turrito Networks predicts that a new round of disruption is due under the twin pressures of fibre rollout to consumers and the growth of international “over the top” (OTT) services like WhatsApp. FULL STORY >


The world's most expensive broadband

By Johan Keyter 9 February 2011

As South Africans we've become accustomed to high broadband prices, but our financial woes are nothing compared to that of the people of Turkmenistan. FULL STORY >


Telkom launches SAIX Lite

By Johan Keyter 1 November 2010

Telkom launches SAIX Lite, aimed at offering consumers more competitive ADSL prices. FULL STORY >


Vodacom slashes internet connectivity costs

By Hanleigh Daniels 1 February 2010

From January 2010 Vodacom Business customers will enjoy a 50% reduction in the cost of their internet connectivity. FULL STORY >


Google looking for a way to better streaming media

By Mike Joubert 6 August 2009

Is Google trying to find ways to make YouTube videos less bandwidth intensive, and bring higher quality video to the Web? FULL STORY >


Seacom not only bandwidth but hope

By Mike Joubert 24 July 2009

It is difficult to convey the hope that yesterdays switching on of the 17 000 km Seacom cable brings. FULL STORY >


The best bandwidth for 2009

By Lance Terner 7 January 2009

With so many different ISPs in the market it can sometimes be a bit tricky comparing apples with apples when often, what you think are apples are actually oranges, or sometimes worse, rotten apples. The most important thing to understand about broadband, specifically... FULL STORY >



By Andrew Gould 3 September 2008

GETMO.com is billed as South Africas first all-in-one digital entertainment service, where you can get a heap of music, movies, mobile content and more. FULL STORY >

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