The essential role of asset lifestyle management in data security

By Industry Contributor 2 December 2022

Takalane Khashane from Iron Mountain explains why the C-Suite needs Asset Lifecycle Management to be a key element of their data security. FULL STORY >


Cell C and Huawei partner on a Business Support Systems transformation project

By Press Release 9 November 2022

Cell C and global leading ICT solution provider Huawei are partnering to help transition the South African mobile operator into a digital lifestyle company, at the centre of which is an improved user experience. FULL STORY >


The Freestyle: The camping companion built for the great outdoor

By Staff Writer 11 August 2022

While on-the-go, some convenient, outdoor entertainment can take your camping experience to the next level. Whether you want some music, a movie or just a little ambient lighting after the sun goes down, The Freestyle is the... FULL STORY >


New StreetCon event now alongside Comic Con Africa

By Staff Writer 3 March 2022

A ticket to Comic Con Africa gets you access to StreetCon. FULL STORY >


Coronavirus gives SA business impetus to revisit adopting a modern workstyle

By Staff Writer 10 March 2020

In the face of the Coronavirus and tremendous disruption it portends, Altron Karabina unpacks how adopting a modern working style holds answers to handling the global crisis. FULL STORY >


The noteworthy products from LG InnoFest 2018

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 1 February 2018

The South Korean manufacturer had a host of products on show at their second annual InnoFest. These are the ones that stood out for us. FULL STORY >


A closer look at the LG Watch Style

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 4 September 2017

With the jury still out on smartwatches, the new LG Watch Style has us excited again… at least in terms of how it looks. FULL STORY >


Eye Health - a closer look

By Press Release 6 July 2016

To promote eye health for a safe lifestyle, Andre Horn, a senior optometrist and managing director of Mellins i-Style (www.mellins.co.za) shares the following useful eye care advice. FULL STORY >


Motorola debuts Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Style

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 28 July 2015

At a New York launch event today, Motorola unveiled three updated devices. The first was the leaked mid-range Moto G, and two variants of its flagship, the Moto X Play and Style. FULL STORY >


New Chewbacca hoodie just in time for Winter

By Staff Writer 12 May 2015

Just in time for winter and catching all the Star Wars hype currently going around, is this awesome I am Chewie Hoodie. FULL STORY >


Gibson Innovations sets out multibrand ambition as part of one of the world’s leading music lifestyle companies

By Staff Writer 5 May 2015

Gibson Innovations set out its ambition to drive growth in music lifestyle across its dynamic portfolio of consumer brands. FULL STORY >


Guitar Hero Live returns to consoles bringing real-time performances

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 April 2015

One of the best selling gaming franchises in recent memory returns in the form of Guitar Hero Live, bringing with it two new playing modes that deliver a more "life-like" music experience. FULL STORY >


Qbox causes a stir at Computex

By Ryan Noik 6 June 2014

One of the new innovations gathering a bit of a crowd on the Computex floor is the Qbox – and a new product that clearly typifies the show’s focus on the smart home and lifestyle FULL STORY >


Kitchen Style

By Staff Writer 17 March 2014

Part of what TechSmart is all about, is a renewed awareness of pleasing aesthetics in the world around us. Making sure things are not only functional, but also beautiful, adds to the experience of living life to the full. FULL STORY >


A Man's Guide to Manbags

By Staff Writer 11 February 2014

The manbag has ever been the subject of feverish debate – should we or shouldn't we? So while your mates are discussing whether Indiana Jones did indeed wear a purse or a satchel, here’s some suggestions on where you can stash your stuff. FULL STORY >

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