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Nokia Music Store now in SA

By Mike Joubert 28 April 2009


As the 16th country worldwide in which the Music Store has been launched, the site is not only populated by all the well known international artists, but also by a very decent amount of SA talent as well. FULL STORY >



By Thomas McKinnon 1 July 2009

SMS phishing, or ?ǣsmishing???, occurs mainly when customers receive an SMS from what seems to be a reputable financial institution prompting them to call a telephone number due to a possible fraudulent transaction on their account. FULL STORY >


SIM card registration now law

By Mike Joubert 1 July 2009

All active SIM cards must be registered. FULL STORY >


From stage to the big screen

By Thomas McKinnon 30 June 2009

Cinema Nouveau is set to be the first movie theatre in South Africa to screen live performances of plays in High Definition, as part of the National Theatre Live project. FULL STORY >


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Launch

By Thomas McKinnon 30 June 2009

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was officially launched today at a function held by EA Software South Africa at Vodacom World of Golf, Midrand. FULL STORY >


The Pirate Bay SOLD or SOLD OUT

By Mike Joubert 30 June 2009

The Pirate Bay is sold for about R60 million. FULL STORY >


Sony considering PSP phone

By Thomas McKinnon 29 June 2009

Reports that Sony intends to develop a PSP device with mobile voice and video chat capabilities have resurfaced. FULL STORY >


Symantec raises spam alert

By Mike Joubert 29 June 2009

Spam uses recent celebrity deaths to get better click rates. FULL STORY >


Call privacy

By Thomas McKinnon 26 June 2009

Secuvoice micro-SD card encrypts your voice communications, preventing snoops from listening in on your calls. FULL STORY >


Flash comes to the Android

By Thomas McKinnon 25 June 2009

HTC???s new Android phone, the Hero, will support Flash out the box - finally a smartphone that can actually support one of the web???s ubiquitous technologies. FULL STORY >


SEACOM Delayed

By Thomas McKinnon 25 June 2009

According to SEACOM, increased pirate activity off the east coast of Africa has caused it to shift back the planned launch date of the cable. FULL STORY >

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