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 In mid-October, AMD launched its latest salvo in its bid for unrivalled performance, announcing its new AMD FX family of desktop CPUs, which included its range of eight core processors, appropriately nicknamed Bulldozer.

The biggest surprise however, was the price, proving to be surprisingly affordable. Evetech highlights this with a range of eight gaming PCs equipped with the new processors, starting with the FX 8150 GTX 550 Ti Gamer at a reasonable R8299, and then increasing in between R500 and R1500 increments to the top end FX 8150 Extreme Gamer. However, even the entry level Ti Gamer is an impressive high performance PC, as all of the PCs boast AMD’s high-end FX-8150, which sports eight cores, clocked at 3.6 GHz, along with 8 GB Corsair memory.
The biggest difference across the range is the graphics card. The range starts with the highly capable GTX 550 Ti 1 GB overclocked, and then moves to include a NVIDIA GTX 590 or AMD HD 6990 on the FX 8150 Extreme Gamer. Visit for more information.
This article first appeared in TechSmart issue 98, November 2011. 


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