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Modern consumers have grown accustomed to high megapixel ratings in digital cameras, but nothing comes close to the astounding 80 megapixel Aptus-II 12, one of the most impressive and most expensive cameras in the world today.

According to Engadget, the new Aptus-II 12 from Leaf will fill an amazing 80 million pixels with crisp imaging data thanks to a 53.7 mm x 40.3 mm CCD sensor. Controlling the camera's many settings is done via a 3.5” touch-screen.

Among its many options is an 80 to 800 ISO range, 1.5 fps (frames per second) capture rate and an enormous 480 MB max file size per image. The sheer detail an image of that size will sport is beyond the conventional consumer camera at the moment.

A different version of the camera, the 12R, features a rotating sensor which allows the user to take portrait shots without needing to turn the camera sideways.

Leaf partners are shipping the Aptus-II 12 and 12R worldwide at the moment, but problems with availability isn't likely to hamper sales as much as the pricetag will. The Aptus-II 12 is selling for a sensible €24 000 (R223 936) while the 12R can be yours for only €31 995 (R298 535).


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