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Hot on the heels of their web sharing feature, Facebook (FB) has announced their latest security feature. It allows users to keep track of their FB logins, and also keep hackers and other unauthorised users from getting access to FB accounts.
This new feature enables users to give selected devices permission to access their FB account, as well as providing them with notifications in the event that their account is accessed from a non-approved device. It can be set up by going to the Account Settings page on Facebook and clicking on the Account Security link. All you have to do is select the option to receive notifications for logins from new devices. The next time you log into Facebook, you will be asked to provide a name for the devices you are accessing FB from, as well as to save them. You can for example save your work- and home PC plus cellular phone as devices that you access FB from, and will be notified via email and SMS if your account is accessed from a different device.
According to the blog post by Lev Popov, a software engineer on Facebook’s site integrity team, this feature is exclusive to Facebook within the social networking world. “We’re confident that these new tools and systems will do a lot to prevent unauthorized logins and the nuisance they can cause,” wrote Popov. “As always, though, the first line of defense is you. We need you to help by practicing safe behavior on Facebook and wherever you go online.”


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