By Mike Joubert 8 October 2009


If you have constant email trouble and generally end up losing important mail, then it might be time to say goodbye to your Internet hosting company and hello to your own  onsite email server.

For SMEs or home offices Plustek’s MiniStation MFA500 email server might just be the appropriate solution. The MFA500 can deal with up to 50-users and basically gives you access to handle all your emails based on the domain (such as and add or remove users. With a built-in firewall as well as an antivirus engine and anti-spam engine your mail is also secure. The MFA500 can even host your website and provides an FTP site to upload files to and download from.

Plustek’s mail server offers support for POP3, POP3s, IMAP and IMAPs, and also caters for mail downloaded from Outlook, Outlook Express as well as webmail access. Your mail can be kept safe via the onboard back-up system while it also supports NAS and remote back-ups.

The Plustek MiniStation MFA500 is serviced and maintained by ServiceTEK (0800-REPAIR). R10 499 (incl VAT). Call ImageTEK on 011-608-1964 for more info.

50 users with built-in firewall and antivirus. Website hosting and onboard backup.
To take control of your email an IT manager would be recommended.

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