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With Black Friday imminent, in case you have a Galaxy Note on your shopping list, you may be wondering which of the Note’s to go for – the Note 9 (review) or the Note 10 Plus (review). We have reviewed both, with each impressing as a stylus-packing phablet par excellence.

So which should you choose? The Note 9 – which will undoubtedly be cheaper than its successor, and that does to its credit, have a headphone jack? Or the Note 10 Plus – which ditched the headphone jack for a USB-C connection and is more expensive but that sports a slightly larger, sharper and brighter screen, better cameras as well as new features?

It’s not a simple choice, because there are pros and cons on both side. For example, the Note 9 is still plenty capable a year on from its release, which means that price decreases on it mean that you would still be getting a highly capable device for less money.

On the other side, the Note 10 Plus is arguably Samsung’s best smartphone to date (no, I’m not including the Galaxy Fold in that because it is in a category of its own), with more memory, greater capacity, three, instead of two, cameras that perform admirably, and significantly better battery life.

 Also, if the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack really irks, you can solve that quite easily by picking up a Samsung USB-C to 3.5mm adapter (other brands don’t work).

Perhaps making your decision a bit easier, Samsung have offered a comparative infographic below, which pits the two Notes head to head, side by side. 


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