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Fortnite just might be a new generation’s World of Warcraft, with the game not just raking in the players, but raking in the cash as well.

According to research company SuperData Research, the game racked up $318 million last month. More impressively, it has done so without requiring a fee to play it, or gating desired content behind onerous loot boxes. Nor does it shoehorn product placement ads in either.

Rather, this fortune is being owed to the fact that players can purchase skins for their avatar, and apparently, many players are choosing to do just that. However, they do not get a material advantage in the Battle Royale playground into which Fortnite drops them.

Admittedly, Fortnite is not the prettiest game you will play this year, but it appears to be one of the more compulsive. Not harming matters is that fact that it is available across a full range of consoles and devices, from the PS4 and Xbox One to PC and iOS (Android is also coming soon). Considering that apparently the bulk of Fortnite’s success is coming from consoles, according to SuperData Research, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact its recent release on the Nintendo Switch will make in the month ahead.

Either way, it should be making publishers think long and hard about how to garner outstanding returns from a game without necessarily charging players, or trying to dip into players’ wallets after they have already purchased the main game.


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