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The Good Dinosaur

November 2015 (United Kingdom)

Three things are certain in life, death, taxes, and Pixar making a hit movie each year. For 2015, we've got two contenders: The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out. The former draws our attention this week, as the first trailer for the November-slated film has debuted online. The Good Dinosaur essentially looks like a new age version of The Land Before Time, as a young dinosaur named Arlo has to deal with a strange and dangerous world. 

Best Bit: When the dinosaurs get back to grazing at 0:47.     

Ted 2 (Red Band Trailer 2)

July (United Kingdom)

If you like your teddy bears NSFW and with a penchant for weed, chances are Ted 2 will be exactly what you're looking for. The sequel to Seth MacFarlane's thunder buddies film is set to arrive next month, and now a second Red Band trailer has arrived for your enjoyment. As with the first trailer that debuted a few weeks ago, Ted and John (Mark Wahlberg) are up to their usual shenanigans, most of which end up with some sort of physical violence. Joining the pair is Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia, Les Misérables) as their lawyer, fellow pot smoker and the film's leading lady. 

Best Bit: John's pretty rough high at 0:16.      

99 Homes

September 2015 (United States) 

In a welcome change, we see leading man Andrew Garfield (Never Let Me Go, The Amazing Spider-Man) putting the red and blue spandex aside and try his hand at a gutsy role for 99 Homes. Inspired by true events, it tells the story of Dennis Nash and his family, as they are forcibly evicted from their home by the state and a particularly nasty real-estate broker, Rick Carver (Michael Shannon, Man of Steel, Revolutionary Road). With nowhere left to turn, Nash then decides to go work for Carver, evicting families from their houses, and losing a bit of his own humanity in the process. With a bunch of solid actors onboard, 99 Homes looks like an intense and well directed film.    

Best Bit: Shannon's speech on how America was built at 1:47. 


August 2015 (United Kingdom)

Anyone who's been on a family vacation can completely sympathise with the family in this next trailer for Vacation. With Ed Helms (The Hangover) playing the annoying, but well-meaning, patriarch of the Griswold's, as the family of four take one last road trip to the fabled Walley World amusement park. In keeping with the genre, the Griswold's travels are filled with all manner of mishap, as well as a few insane cameos and characters along the way. We also advise hitting the video below this one to see the trailer for the original National Lampoon’s Vacation starring Chevy Chase.

Best Bit: Youngest son Kevin stealing the show throughout. 

We Are Still Here

June 2015 (United States)

It wouldn't be our weekly Hot New Trailers list without at least one horror film. This week, it's the turn of We Are Still Here, which is a subtle twist on the the age old haunted house horror trope. In it, the house in question revives its demonic tendencies every 30 years, demanding a sacrifice, which means whoever's living in it at that time, will most likely be getting an increase in their levies and rates. We Are Still Here is an independent film, and has garnered a fair amount of praise on the indie film festival circuit. Sadly, its local release is unknown, but if you're a fan of the Horror genre, this one looks well worth noting.     

Best Bit: Heading down into the basement at 1:04. 

Paper Towns (Trailer 2)

August 2015 (United Kingdom)

Paper Towns is a book adaptation from John Green who also penned The Fault in our Stars, and we can only hope that this won't prove as depressing as that film was. Our protagonist is high schooler Quentin Jacobsen, played by relative unknown Nat Wolff (Palo Alto, The Fault in our Stars). Just like any high schooler, Quentin is head over heels in love with Margo (Cara Delevingne), who as expected, does not even notice him. One evening their paths cross, sending Quentin and his goofball pals on a semi-journey of self discovery, in an attempt to escape the titular Paper Towns

Best Bit: When Quentin and his mates debate what constitutes a party at 0:30.   


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