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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD may be the remaster of a ten year old title, but according to the latest from Nintendo, the game is not just getting a graphics upgrade.

It will apparently also include a new difficulty level, Hero Mode, to offer a more challenging experience. Opting to dip into the vast expanse of Hyrule in this mode will see you taking double the amount of normal damage, and hearts, responsible for restoring your health, won’t drop as liberally.

Considering that already the boss encounters made for some of the most edge-of-our-seat, exhilarating and memorable battles we have had in a game on the normal difficulty, it should be really interesting to see how much tougher they will be on this mode.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nintendo is adding a new item to make a particular facet of the game somewhat easier. The Ghost Lantern is intended to aid in retrieving Poe’s, souls which are only visible under certain circumstances and which made for a particularly frustrating mission. Two more big differences include inventory management via the GamePad and the integration of a Wolf Link amiibo, which will unlock a new dungeon, the Cave of Shadows.

Finally, we were also treated to a new trailer, which shows a bit more of the bump in fidelity we can expect when the game becomes available on the 4th of March.  


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