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It’s difficult to believe that classic slasher Halloween debuted 40 years ago this year. It’s no wonder then that the franchise wants to mark the occasion, and what better way to do so than to disregard all the intermittent movies and go straight for a follow-up to the original.

As mentioned it’s been four decades since Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney, Soccer Dog: The Movie) went on a killing spree in the town of Haddonfield. And now he’s back, conveniently on Halloween, having escaped the transportation that carried him from prison.

The bad news is that when we see Michael pick up a hammer in the trailer, it’s not for some handy DIY work. Even worse, he goes on to find a kitchen knife, and we know that last time round he didn’t use it for carving the roast. The good news is that his sister, Laurie Strode, is waiting for him, having trained for this night since Michael was locked away. She wants him dead, and this time round we hope she makes sure he’s down for the count. Strode is played of course by Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role from  the original.

Directed by David Gordon Green (Joe, Vice Principals), the movie received strong support from the maestro himself, John Carpenter, who of course directed and scored (don’t tell us you don’t get the creeps from listening to that piano) the original.

It’s out on, you guessed it, Halloween (19 Oct) in South Africa. Check below to see what Michael is up to in this, the eleventh instalment of the franchise.


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