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Stargate fans hold onto your hats. The latest trailer for Stargate Origins has been released, a new series that will take the franchise in a completely different direction – to the past. The series was originally announced at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, just don’t expect regular 50-minute episodes.

Instead, each Stargate Origins episode will only be ten minutes long, with ten scheduled in total. Also, these won’t be coming to TV but instead will be a web series, to be featured on the Stargate Command website as streamable content alongside previous Stargate series.

Stargate Origins sends us back to 1939, showing Nazi’s taking control of the Stargate and looking set to use it for nefarious purposes. Standing in their way is a familiar character to Stargate fans - Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall, Ash vs Evil Dead), who alongside Captain James Beal (Philip Alexander, S.W.A.T.) need to find out the true secret of the mysterious Stargate. The guy stealing the show though is Wasif, played by Shvan Aladdin (Non Exitus), who looks to be the rather entertaining comic relief.

Helming the project is Mercedes Bryce Morgan, who has previously directed episodes of the TV series FANtasies. Stargate Origins will go live on 15 February, although it seems like viewers will need to buy an All-Access Pass for the Stargate Command website, retailing for $20.


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