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After Christopher Nolan’s tension building teaser for Dunkirk, comes another for Arrival, a new alien movie starring Amy Adams (Man of Steel) and Jeremy Renner (The Avengers).

In a world where the Star Trek universal translator does not exist, and a situation where Google Translate just won’t cut it, it’s up to the world’s foremost linguist, Dr. Louise Banks (Adams) to try and figure out if the newly arrived aliens come in peace or not. It’s a great teaser since we never actually see the creatures, only hear them. And from what we can tell they are either Wookiees or evolved whales.

We’re tempted to say this one is going to be a must-watch, albeit a strange one, if Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s other movies (Sicario, Enemy and Prisoners) are anything to go by.

Hit play below and let us know on Twitter your best guess for the aliens.


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