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While South Africa enjoyed its second long weekend of April, the rest of the world kept on chugging along. To that end, those of you that decided to ditch YouTube for the past few days may have missed a few noteworthy trailers. Luckily, we've rounded them up for your viewing pleasure. 

Once Upon a Time in Venice

What's Bruce Willis been up to these days? Making a movie about someone stealing his dog of course. That seems to be the general premise behind Once Upon a Time in Venice (America, not Italy), as Willis plays a detective (Steve) whose dog Buddy is taken. Like any dog loving person, he goes on a manhunt to find his furry friend and much like Seven Psychopaths, a fair amount of violence is involved in the process. 

The film also features Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) and Jason Momoa (Justice League) and John Goodman (Kong: Skull Island) to round out what is a solid cast on paper.

Release date: 16 June 2017 (United States)

Best bit: The banter between Wills and Kal Penn at 0:15.  

It Comes at Night

When we first watched the teaser trailer for It Comes at Night, it was nigh on perfect. In fact, that was all we needed to know this film, directed by Krishna's Trey Edward Shults, will be gut wrenchingly terrifying. Now a fully fledged trailer has been released, and while some of the anxious tension is missing, it still certainly ticks all the boxes that a horror should. 

We advise watching this one in a well lit room with plenty of escape points and a weapon in hand. 

Release date: 9 June 2017 (United States)

Best bit: Walking towards the red door at 1:10. 

House of Cards (Season Five)

Frank and Claire Atwood are back once again for the fifth season of Netflix's House of Cards series. With the first two seasons being some of the best television we've watched in quite some time, the series has wavered a little of late. Hopefully this fifth one puts things back on track, as Frank (Kevin Spacey) looks like he's back to his menacing best in the latest trailer for season five. 

With the current US president coming under more scrutiny than ever, perhaps House of Cards will see art imitate real life.

Release date: 30 May 2017 (Global)

Best bit: Frank Atwood's ominous narration throughout. 

Dunkirk (Promo trailer)

Chronicling the famous battle on a French beach through the eyes of young and frightened soldiers, Dunkirk is directed by Christopher Nolan (the Dark Knight trilogy), which is really all the reason you need to watch this film when it debuts. This latest promo trailer features the number 400 000, which references the Allied soldiers involved in the event. 

It also serves as a precursor to a full length trailer arriving on 5 May, which will no doubt prove as filled with tension and action as the first. 

Release date: 21 July (United States) 

Best bit: The impending sound of enemy planes approaching.    

Okja (Promo trailer)

We're still a bit confused as to what Okja is about. All we know for now is that Netflix is releasing the film on 28 June, and Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange) plays the rather odd Lucy Mirando. There's also a massive animal named Okja, and the movie is written and directed by Joon Ho Bong, who did a great job with Snowpiercer.  

The promo trailer below is also odd, and a little disturbing, so don't watch it if you're a vegan or munching on some sort of pork-based meat. 

Release date: 28 June 2017

Best bit: Swinton's eerie performance. 


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