Ghost in the Shell

By Spling 30 March 2017

We get a chance to see Major come alive, even if her shoes seem too big for her. FULL STORY >


Second Ghost in the Shell trailer details far too much

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 February 2017

The latest trailer for Ghost in the Shell has landed online, but instead of the 1995 original, this live action version appears to use Stand Alone Complex as its reference point. FULL STORY >


First trailer for Ghost in the Shell released

By Staff Writer 14 November 2016

When we first saw the ten second teasers for Ghost in the Shell, we mentioned we were quietly optimistic. Our optimism seems to be well founded with an official trailer seeing the light of day. FULL STORY >


Ghost in the Shell gets teaser trailers

By Staff Writer 22 September 2016

The significance of the Ghost in the Shell anime cannot be overstated, inspiring for example The Matrix in style and shot selection. Therefore, one can only hope that next year’s live action flick, starring Scarlett Johansson, does the original justice. FULL STORY >


Scarlett Johansson featured in first image for live-action Ghost in the Shell

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 April 2016

While we're unsure how fans will react to Scarlett Johansson playing Major Motoko Kusanagi, Paramount and Dreamworks has released the first image of the lead actress in character. FULL STORY >


Ghost in the Shell VR movie showing in Japan

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 12 April 2016

Launching at the beginning of May, Ghost in the Shell: The Movie - Virtual Reality Diver will be available in 31 different internet cafes in and around Japan's Kanto region. FULL STORY >


Geek News Highlights - The Heroes Welcome Edition

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 January 2015

This week's Geek News Highlights features heroes of all shapes and sizes. From the Hulk in the second Age of Ultron trailer to those trying to survive the world of The Walking Dead and finally the insect-sized Ant-Man. FULL STORY >

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