Gaming News Roundup - The Hope Springs Eternal Edition

By Ryan Noik 12 September 2014

In this week’s GNR: Destiny becomes a sales star, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor delayed and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 details revealed. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Roundup: The Glorious Gamescom Edition

By Ryan Noik 15 August 2014

In this week’s Gaming News Roundup: Ninja Theory announces Hellblade, next Tomb Raider timed exclusive for Xbox One and exclusive debacle Wild announced. FULL STORY >


PS4 preloading feature accessible from next week

By Ryan Noik 20 June 2014

In the wake of E3, some more good news has emerged regarding the PS4 – apparently, the promised automatic game preloading feature is just around the corner. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Roundup – The Fantastic E3 2014 Edition

By Ryan Noik 13 June 2014

In this week’s GNR: E3 shows its strength, Batman: Arkham Knight boasts a batmobile and more details on Dragon Age: Inquisition come to the fore. FULL STORY >


Sony ups its game at E3, brings numerous announcements

By Ryan Noik 10 June 2014

Sony’s press event at E3 came out in full force this year, offering a few things we were hoping for, and a number of announcements we didn’t expect at all. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Roundup - The Updates and Delays Edition

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 6 June 2014

This week's gaming news focuses on the delayed launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, new Batmobile Battle Mode, brutal Mortal Kombat X trailer and games making their debut at E3 next week. FULL STORY >


EVETECH sends its Console Killer Gaming PC into the ring

By Staff Writer 3 June 2014

Evetech set out to create a console killer at the same pricing as the PS4 to show why it believes PC gaming still reigns supreme. FULL STORY >


Xbox One vs PS4

By Staff Writer 6 May 2014

When Pippa starts comparing the Xbox One with PlayStation 4, one thing comes to mind – onions. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Roundup - The Making Moves Edition

By Ryan Noik 28 March 2014

In this week’s GNR: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gameplay video swings in, 100 games on the way to the PS4 and The Last of Us could be coming to the PS4. FULL STORY >


New PS4 shipment arrives on local shores

By Ryan Noik 12 March 2014

Ster Kinekor Entertainment (SKE) has announced some good news for those who have been patiently waiting for new stock of the PS4 to arrive – an additional shipment of its next generation consoles has graced our shores. FULL STORY >


PS4 status update shows the console going strong

By Ryan Noik 5 March 2014

Curious about how well the PS4 is faring less than half a year since its launch? It turns out, the answer is very well indeed. FULL STORY >


The Honeymoon - Pippa Tshabalala

By Staff Writer 12 February 2014

Although not a fangirl just yet, Pippa is finding much to like about the PlayStation 4. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - The Wait is Over Edition

By Ryan Noik 7 February 2014

In this week’s GNR: More PS4s now locally available, the Castlevania media onslaught continues and Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC Freedom Cry to be a stand alone playable game in its own right. FULL STORY >



By Ryan Noik 14 January 2014

As one of the new intellectual properties to grace the PS4, Knack is a fun and enjoyable romp that shows plenty of promise. FULL STORY >


Sony PlayStation 4

By Ryan Noik 18 December 2013

For a console that sold out locally in its first 24 hours, it’s fair to call the PS4 launch a resounding success. Is this Sony’s best console ever? FULL STORY >

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