Fans of The Shining must watch trailer for Doctor Sleep

By Staff Writer 14 June 2019

Doctor Sleep - one for fans not only of Stephen King but also of The Shining. FULL STORY >


Is a doll still scary? Chucky gets a remake.

By Staff Writer 12 February 2019

As so many movies before it, Child’s Play is receiving the remake treatment. FULL STORY >


New ten minute trailer shows more of The Sinking City

By Ryan Noik 30 August 2018

Fresh from Gamescom, the developers of The Sinking City have released a 10 minute view showcasing its forthcoming new title, The Sinking City. FULL STORY >


Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy books all on offer in latest Humble Bundle

By Staff Writer 3 November 2017

Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy all get mixed up in the latest Humble Book Bundle, and it’s a good one, especially if you’re into short stories. The Humble Book Bundle: Multi-Genre Fiction by Night Shade offers a multitude of... FULL STORY >


Gameplay revealed in latest trailer for The Evil Within 2

By Staff Writer 13 September 2017

The survival horror sequel to The Evil Within is inching ever closer to release, with a new gameplay trailer seeing the light of day. FULL STORY >


Pennywise from It documentary forthcoming

By Staff Writer 22 March 2017

Can't get enough of Pennywise? There's a new documentary forthcoming, featuring behind the scenes footage, plus input from the man himself – Tim Curry. FULL STORY >


Things get serious in the red band trailer for LIFE

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 March 2017

LIFE takes a horrifying turn in the latest red band trailer for the film. FULL STORY >


New demo for Resident Evil 7 biohazard announced with TGS 16 trailer

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 15 September 2016

With the Tokyo Game Show well underway, Capcom has used it to announce a new demo for its latest survival horror game - Resident Evil 7 biohazard. FULL STORY >


Outlast 2's launch postponed until 2017

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 2 August 2016

Unfortunately survival horror gaming fans will have to hold out a little longer, as Red Barrel delays the launch of Outlast 2 until next year. FULL STORY >


New trailer for The Darkness debuts

By Ryan Noik 12 February 2016

A new trailer for The Darkness has dropped, and looks like yet another chillingly good horror in the pipeline. FULL STORY >


George R.R. Martin confirms his werewolf novella Skin Trade becoming TV series

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 12 October 2015

Written in 1989 by the Game of Thrones creator, Skin Trade is a horror/mystery novella centering around werewolves. Martin now confirms it will be adapted into a series by Cinemax. FULL STORY >


Survival horror game Syndrome announced

By Ryan Noik 2 October 2015

A new sci-fi survival horror title, Syndrome, has been announced and given the trailer treatment, setting its sights on scaring you out of your seat in 2016. FULL STORY >


New SOMA trailer has us weary of the underwater depths

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 4 September 2015

If the previous SOMA trailers weren't eery enough, a new one has been released showcasing the various environments that will appear in the game. FULL STORY >


Launch trailer for Until Dawn arrives, with survival the name of the game

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 26 August 2015

Tapping into the horror genre, while also allowing gamers to determine the direction and outcome for characters, a new trailer for Until Dawn arrives. FULL STORY >


The Evil Within brings its DLC to an end

By Ryan Noik 15 May 2015

The last piece of DLC for The Evil Within (review) has been dated and vaguely detailed. FULL STORY >

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