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Sony Ericsson loves Green

By Mike Joubert 12 June 2009


Sony Ericsson launched one of their new eco-friendlier phones as part of their GreenHeart initiative, at their HQ in Paulshof, yesterday. FULL STORY >


P2P file-sharing

By Thomas McKinnon 12 June 2009

If you???ve ever used LimeWire or a BitTorrent site then you???ve engaged in file-sharing, and according to some you???re liable for prosecution. Moving beyond the legal realm, file-sharing is also an ethical issue. So we put it to you; is P2P file-sharing right or wrong? FULL STORY >


New Facebook usernames

By Thomas McKinnon 11 June 2009

Choose your own Facebook username from 13 June 2009. No longer do you need to be just a number. FULL STORY >


Microsoft Arc Mouse Designer

By Mike Joubert 11 June 2009

Microsoft???s Arc mouse raised a few eyebrows with its rather odd design last year. We chatted to the User Experience Designer responsible for the Arc concept. FULL STORY >


Backup your mobile data

By Mike Joubert 11 June 2009

Spescom have launched a voice recording and data backup mobile app. Backup your text, pictures and conversations online. FULL STORY >


Bing off to a bang

By Thomas McKinnon 10 June 2009

Microsoft???s new search engine, Bing, has surprised many by grabbing 11.1% of all US searches in its first week online. FULL STORY >


The man behind hertenberger

By Thomas McKinnon 10 June 2009 is one of our favourite South African gadget blogs. We chat to the man behind the blog about the new Android phones, blog tools and citizen journalism. FULL STORY >


China demands web-filtering software

By Thomas McKinnon 9 June 2009

All PCs sold in China, even imported PCs, will have to be pre-installed with \"Green Dam Youth Escort\" filtering software. FULL STORY >


The Wii MotionPlus

By Mike Joubert 9 June 2009

The WiiMotionPlus will at long last be available in South Africa. The Wii MotionPlus gives better accuracy and tracks users motions while playing in finer detail. FULL STORY >


How to Make a Rear-Projection Screen

By Andrew Gould 9 June 2009

If you???re upgrading from an old tube-style TV to a flat screen, or if your current flat screen is just not big enough, why don???t you consider a rear projection screen. FULL STORY >


DIY Drool Tools

By Andrew Gould 9 June 2009

Our DIY Dude put on his safety goggles and went to find the best DIY tools money can buy.

Do it Yourself may be a hobby for some, but for others it???s serious business requiring serious tools. FULL STORY >

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