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According to Bloomberg, Sony, the largest Japanese exporter of consumer electronics in the world, may be in the process of finding a new chief executive officer (CEO) for the company.

The report cites inside sources who say the company is in the process of finding a successor for current Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, who took the presidency in April 2009.
Two likely candidates have been named thus far, Kaz Hirai, current PlayStation boss and Hiroshi Yoshioka, who is currently leading Sony's TV and camera division.
But according to the sources, Stringer, who has been with Sony since 1997, won't be ousted from the company. Instead he will retain his roles as CEO and chairman, while a deputy (possibly in the form of Hirai or Yoshioka) will take over some of his workload, and if they are found to possess the needed skills for the job will be appointed to Stringer's position once he retires or moves on from the company.
Kohi Toda, chief fund manager at Resona Bank Ltd., said, “Stringer should be credited for carrying out structural reforms to stop the company from bleeding. Nevertheless, Stringer hasn't managed to steer the company to growth. His accomplishment was rather earning time and energy for Sony to get ready for the next growth.”
Stringer, who is 68 years old, last year said he wanted to remain in his current position at Sony until the company completes its business plan ending March 2013.
The next CEO of Sony may heavily influence the future direction of the company, which for the past decade has been heavily focused on entertainment and media. Gamers will undoubtedly hope that Hirai will be appointed, as this may forge a continued path into gaming world expansion, as has been seen with the company's PlayStation consoles.


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