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Vodacom Business unpacks how it is driving customer experience and innovative partnerships

By Staff Writer 2 August 2023


Peter Malebye, Chief of Sales at Vodacom Business unpacks the company's focus on core measures, customer experience, and the exciting partnerships being built throughout the African continent. FULL STORY >


The Internet of packaging

By Industry Contributor 12 September 2023

Johan du Toit, Strategic Sales Executive for SYSPRO Africa discusses multiple benefits for manufacturers employing smart packaging technologies to manage inventory and product life cycles. FULL STORY >


Old is the new ‘new’: Tech’s Sustainable Circle

By Industry Contributor 8 September 2023

JG Pons, Sr. Vice President – EMEA, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies explains how businesses can make the most of their existing IT estate and buy their technology more sustainably. FULL STORY >


The persistence of paper in a digital age

By Staff Writer 8 September 2023

While digital technology has changed our lives in dramatic ways with many paper-driven processes now digitised, in an environment of constant load shedding, the fact that paper doesn’t depend on power sources or network connections is a major... FULL STORY >


Technology enables inspection and detection for food and beverage manufacturers

By Industry Contributor 15 August 2023

Johan du Toit, Strategic Sales Executive for SYSPRO Africa discusses how technology can enable inspection and detection for food and beverage manufacturers. FULL STORY >


Extracting more value from software licenses is key for businesses frustrated with sub-par usage

By Industry Contributor 14 August 2023

Heath Huxtable, Managing Director at Braintree looks at why licensing has become a major pain point for businesses. FULL STORY >


What new Gen Z IT executives will look like by 2040

By Industry Contributor 14 August 2023

Evgeniya Russkikh, Head of Academic Affairs at Kaspersky, considers what values Gen Z IT executives will implement in the near future and how this will shape how organisations do business. FULL STORY >


The gamer of today and the future

By Industry Contributor 11 August 2023

As with videogames and their technology, the player’s profile is continually innovating and moving forward toward a future we are beginning to live today, says Dell Technologies' Chris Buchanan. FULL STORY >


Business continuity: Keeping the lights on even in the darkness of a total blackout

By Industry Contributor 3 August 2023

In the event of a total blackout, the burning question is: How long could we stay connected? BT's Bertrandt Delport addresses this critical issue. FULL STORY >


Dedication, innovation, and education: The recipe for Africa’s digital prosperity

By Industry Contributor 27 July 2023

Hani Raad, Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Cisco, explains how Africa could be a leading light for the rest of the world. FULL STORY >


South African consumers embrace a shift towards A ‘Smarter’ Digital Life, with sustainability and security as top priorities

By Ryan Noik 25 July 2023

Cisco has published the findings of the Global Broadband Survey, a comprehensive study on the global state of connectivity, and it has revealed some fascinating... FULL STORY >

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