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Vodacom Business unpacks how it is driving customer experience and innovative partnerships

By Staff Writer 2 August 2023


Peter Malebye, Chief of Sales at Vodacom Business unpacks the company's focus on core measures, customer experience, and the exciting partnerships being built throughout the African continent. FULL STORY >


Business continuity: Keeping the lights on even in the darkness of a total blackout

By Industry Contributor 3 August 2023

In the event of a total blackout, the burning question is: How long could we stay connected? BT's Bertrandt Delport addresses this critical issue. FULL STORY >


Dedication, innovation, and education: The recipe for Africa’s digital prosperity

By Industry Contributor 27 July 2023

Hani Raad, Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Cisco, explains how Africa could be a leading light for the rest of the world. FULL STORY >


South African consumers embrace a shift towards A ‘Smarter’ Digital Life, with sustainability and security as top priorities

By Ryan Noik 25 July 2023

Cisco has published the findings of the Global Broadband Survey, a comprehensive study on the global state of connectivity, and it has revealed some fascinating... FULL STORY >


Unlocking the Potential of Mobile ERP for Business Growth

By Industry Contributor 25 July 2023

Marius Wessels, Manager: Professional Services at SYSPRO Africa discusses how embracing mobile ERP capabilities and leveraging the cloud can unlock immense potential for business growth. FULL STORY >


Organisations turn to Zero Trust to modernise cybersecurity programmes

By Staff Writer 25 July 2023

Organisations are turning to Zero Trust to modernise their cybersecurity programmes and keep pace with an evolving attack landscape. But determining where to start, the capabilities to prioritise and the actions needed to... FULL STORY >


Why businesses need to consider fixed microwave connectivity

By Industry Contributor 13 July 2023

While fibre is the preferred form of internet connectivity for businesses, getting connected isn’t always as easy, especially for those in areas not within coverage area. Nikita Appelman from VOX Telecoms looks at why businesses... FULL STORY >


Breaking the cycle of pessimism

By Industry Contributor 13 July 2023

Collin Govender from Altron Karabina, explains the role advanced telematics could play in helping businesses improve efficiency. FULL STORY >


Connectivity on the go: why not all mobile internet services are the same

By Industry Contributor 12 July 2023

Theo van Zyl, Head: Wireless at VOX, looks at how people are reassessing their connectivity and whether they actually need it at home or rather switch to mobile connectivity that offers them more flexibility. FULL STORY >


Mind the gap: Building a bridge over the chasm between education and employment

By Industry Contributor 12 July 2023

Philisa Mvunyiswa, Recruitment Consultant at Altron Karabina sheds light on the struggle’s businesses are facing in find the skills necessary and what they need to do to identify, build, and deploy skills needed... FULL STORY >


Bias must be thwarted with ethical AI to protect patients and healthcare industry

By Staff Writer 7 July 2023

SAS, a leader in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), has underscored the urgency of eliminating bias through the use of ethical AI in response to the growing concerns around automated claim processing in... FULL STORY >

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