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Three ways AI will change the Business Process Outsourcing landscape

By Industry Contributor 18 May 2023


Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of attention of late as it looks set to revolutionise and transform the way organisations and their people work. Mervyn Pretorius, Chief Technology Officer at CCI South Africa, highlights a few developments that he expects will shape the Business Process Outsourcing industry in the very near future. FULL STORY >


BT: Unpacking the journey from telco to techco

By Industry Contributor 24 May 2023

Rodney Kinchington from BT explains why telcos are at an inflection point in their transition and what they need to do to remain relevant. FULL STORY >


Aruba: Enabling mobility key to encouraging younger South Africans back to the office

By Industry Contributor 23 May 2023

Aruba's Mandy Duncan looks at how HR practitioners make the office space attractive for younger employees. FULL STORY >


2023: Top Technologies That Will Shape Human Ambitions

By Industry Contributor 24 January 2023

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META), Dell Technologies cites the top tech trends to watch out for in this year. FULL STORY >


Cisco Highlights Key Predictions for 2023

By Staff Writer 20 January 2023

Jeetu Patel, executive vice president of security and collaboration at Cisco offers several predictions for what the year ahead will hold - and what trends to watch out for in the coming months. FULL STORY >


The Technology and ERP Trends that will shape 2023

By Industry Contributor 19 January 2023

Following year of supply chain disruptions, a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and record-breaking inflation, 2023 does not look to be very different for manufactures and distributors as they are hampered down by various stages of load shedding.... FULL STORY >


Kaspersky on IoT Part 2 - Internet of Things…or Internet of Threats

By Industry Contributor 15 December 2022

Vladimir Dashchenko, security evangelist at Kaspersky, explores what attacks on smart devices will look like in 2023. FULL STORY >


Veeam: The cybersecurity trends that will shape 2023

By Industry Contributor 14 December 2022

With the cloud becoming critical to business enablement in a digital environment, there are several cybersecurity trends for 2023 that decision-makers must keep in mind if they are to keep their data protected and always available. Ian... FULL STORY >


Kaspersky on IoT Part 1 - Wit works woe: how tiny IoT gadgets are changing the global cybersecurity landscape

By Industry Contributor 14 December 2022

In part 1 of this IoT series, Vladimir Dashchenko, security evangelist at Kaspersky ponders about relevant challenges and future of IoT security in the coming year. FULL STORY >


Agreements: A blueprint for business success

By Staff Writer 14 December 2022

The importance of contracts for businesses cannot be emphasised enough. It is the only platform from which operational security and transparency can be ensured. Leon Steyn explains. FULL STORY >


Five ways not to become a cybercrime statistic

By Staff Writer 14 December 2022

If you believe cybercrime is something that only happens to businesses and “other people,” now is a good time to reboot your attitude, asserts Cisco's Dave Lewis. FULL STORY >

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