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Forget about Avengers: Infinity War, what we are actually holding thumbs for is a Team Thor TV series. If you can remember, after the Avengers saved Earth, Thor decided to take some “me time” in Australia, and moved in with his brother from another mother, Darryl Jacobson. Apart from helping Thor draft letters to Tony Stark and Captain America, Darryl is also one half of Team Thor™.

Part Two has now been released, and it seems like Team Thor has ran into big trouble. No, not Loki, nor Hela or Ulik, rather a nemesis that is much more mundane: Rent. Apparently, the Asgardian God of Thunder’s money is no good here, and no matter how much poor Darryl tries to explain this, the obtuse Thor simply repeats his coins are worth a “gazillion human dollars”. Thor also argues reductio ad absurdum that if knowledge is power, he is covered in brains.

Whether poor Darryl will get screen time in the third Thor movie – Ragnarok, remains to be seen. Ragnarok is set for release in November this year and will be directed by New Zealander, Taika Waititi. If you haven't seen some of his other movies, including Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, do yourself a favour and try and find them this weekend.

Check for yourself in Part 2 of Team Thor posted below.


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