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If you have a bucket list, this latest peculiar listing on Airbnb might be what you're looking for. While many people want to try out shark cage diving, have you ever considered sleeping alongside them? Well you just might win the opportunity to do so. 

Airbnb is offering an overnight stay for two people inside an aquarium that features up to 35 sharks inside of it. Interested Airbnb users can enter this competition here, by submitting a 550 word (max) essay describing why they'd be the ideal candidate to sleep with the fishes; very large and dangerous fishes. 

Entries must be submitted by 3 April at 12:59 PM CAT, but it is unclear if there is a restriction on location of entrants, as the aquarium is situated in France. More specifically, Paris-16E-Arrondissement, Île-de-France. The lucky winners will be spending the night in a circular room, with a 360-degree view of the sharks. The accommodation is run by freediver Fred Buyle, who states there are a few house rules that must adhered to, such as no nighttime selfies, as sharks are very sensitive to light. We suppose going for a swim would be out of the question too.     

If you enjoyed movies like Jaws, Deep Blue Sea or Sharknado, then this is the competition for you. 


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