Open beta for Tom Clancy's The Division arriving next week

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 10 February 2016

As Ubisoft readies The Division for release next month, those eager to experience the gameplay a little bit earlier will be happy to know that an open beta lands next week. FULL STORY >


Far Cry Primal's King of the Stone Age trailer showcases Takkar and his tribe

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 21 January 2016

A new trailer for Far Cry Primal debuts, in which the lead character Takkar must do everything in his power to save his tribe from extinction. FULL STORY >


Jack the Ripper coming to the London streets of Assassin's Creed Syndicate

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 11 December 2015

As infamous a serial killer as there ever was, Jack the Ripper will now be a DLC for Assassin's Creed Syndicate come 15 December. FULL STORY >


Rayman Adventures leaps onto app store

By Ryan Noik 4 December 2015

The next entry in the Rayman endless runner/adventure games for mobile from Ubisoft has, at long last, arrived. FULL STORY >


Ubisoft goes through nine minutes of Far Cry Primal gameplay

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 4 December 2015

They might not speak English in the prehistoric land of Far Cry Primal's Oros, but you can tame predators and bend them to your will in the latest gameplay video for the Ubisoft title. FULL STORY >


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate gets a launch trailer

By Ryan Noik 23 October 2015

The newest launch trailer for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is here, and the themes it touches on are eerily relevant. FULL STORY >


Ubisoft channels inner caveman with new Far Cry Primal trailer

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 7 October 2015

After climbing the Himalayas in Far Cry 4, Ubisoft moves back a few hundred centuries for the next installment, Far Cry Primal. Better clean your pelts and sharpen your spears. FULL STORY >


Ubisoft aims for 'inclusiveness' with first transgender Assassin's Creed character

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 25 September 2015

In an attempt to make its range of gaming characters more 'inclusive', Ubisoft has detailed its first transgender character for Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Ned Wynert. FULL STORY >


Ubisoft shines spotlight on Samurai in latest For Honor trailer

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 16 September 2015

Following its first trailer debut at E3 2015, Ubisoft reveals a bit more detail on its new For Honor title at this year's Tokyo Games Show. FULL STORY >


Michael Fassbender teased in Assassin's Creed movie outfit

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 28 August 2015

Yahoo gets exclusive first look at Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch for the Assassin's Creed film, with shooting set to begin in September. FULL STORY >


Ubisoft keeps shooting at E3 2015

By Staff Writer 16 June 2015

As the big studios fight it out for headlines at the E3 gaming expo, French company Ubisoft also threw their hat in the ring last night. Consistency seems to be the name of the game, with a number of regulars making a return, but also some interesting new IP to... FULL STORY >


Ubisoft goes Artful Dodger with new Assassins Creed Syndicate

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 13 May 2015

After teasing fans last week, Ubisoft offers up its take on Victorian-era London with Assassin's Creed Syndicate, destined for release in October this year. FULL STORY >


Ubisoft teases image for 12 May reveal of Assassins Creed Victory

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 8 May 2015

Hoping to bounce back from the disappointment of Assassin's Creed Unity, Ubisoft has unveiled a teaser image for follow-up, Victory, set for a full reveal on 12 May. FULL STORY >


South Park: The Stick of Truth

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 24 March 2014

The Stick of Truth ranks as one of the best South Park titles to date. For the first time in a long while, developers have been able to blend strong gameplay and wickedly smart dialogue into one great game. FULL STORY >


Gaming News Round-up - The Watch Out Edition

By Ryan Noik 18 October 2013

In this week’s Gaming News Round-up Ubisoft delays Watch Dogs, SOMA coming to scare you shirtless and Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus will gift purchasers with a free game. FULL STORY >

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