BitCo relaunches Uncapped Uncontended 10Mbps and 20Mbps Fibre for the SME market

By Press Release 25 October 2016

Revolutionising the way SME businesses connect, BitCo will be relaunching its 10Mbps and 20Mbps Uncapped and Uncontended Fibre offerings. FULL STORY >


Telkom revises Fair Use Policy for Uncapped LTE

By Press Release 21 September 2016

Telkom has listened to its customers and has revised the conditions of its Fair Use Policy (FUP) for Uncapped LTE. The revisions seek to offer customers a fair and sustainable connectivity experience. FULL STORY >


Afrihost drops pricing on Uncapped Home DSL Packages

By Press Release 9 September 2016

After years of supplying awesome Uncapped DSL to their clients, Afrihost is enhancing the value proposition even more by introducing cost reductions, without sacrificing quality of service. FULL STORY >


BitCo extends its fibre promotion

By Press Release 3 June 2016

Due to a growing demand for Fibre connectivity, BitCo has decided to extend its Premium Uncapped Business Fibre promotion to the end of July 2016. The promotion is specifically aimed at new business clients and offers convenient business connectivity. FULL STORY >


Surprise price drop for Uncapped ADSL

By Staff Writer 3 September 2015

Normally when Telkom drops its ADSL prices, the whole market reacts. In a surprise announcement and outsmarting its competitors, OpenWeb has introduced a massive price reduction for Home Uncapped ADSL. FULL STORY >


Telkom launches Business Uncapped internet usage plan

By Ryan Noik 2 August 2013

In some good news for small and medium businesses, Telkom has confirmed the launch of its Business Uncapped internet usage plan. FULL STORY >


Afrihost offers unlimited web traffic on shared hosting

By Hanleigh Daniels 7 May 2013

Afrihost now offers unlimited data usage on hosting by removing all excess bandwidth charges on its shared hosting packages. FULL STORY >


Free uncapped ADSL promotional offer from OpenWeb

By Hanleigh Daniels 6 May 2013

OpenWeb launches a new free uncapped ADSL offer. FULL STORY >


Afrihost reveals uncapped VDSL packages

By Hanleigh Daniels 29 April 2013

Afrihost announces its uncapped VDSL packages for businesses and home consumers. FULL STORY >


Telkom announces ADSL uncapped price drop

By Ryan Noik 24 January 2013

Telkom has announced an imminent price reduction for its ADSL uncapped offerings, set to take effect in a weeks time. FULL STORY >


MWEB drops to R199 for 1 Mbps uncapped ADSL

By Staff Writer 17 April 2012

MWEB slashes its 1 Mbps uncapped ADSL pricing by R100, now starting at R199. FULL STORY >


MTN permanently increasing broadband uncapped speed limits

By Hanleigh Daniels 23 January 2012

MTN broadband uncapped internet users can look forward to a boost in download speed as the firm looks to permanently increase the maximum download speed limits for this service. FULL STORY >


Telkom launches Do Uncapped broadband offerings

By Hanleigh Daniels 30 September 2011

Telkom unveils its Do uncapped broadband offers at the rAge gaming expo. FULL STORY >


MWEB unveils uncapped web hosting

By Johan Keyter 17 March 2011

MWEB announces another first for the country in the form of its easy, affordable and most importantly, uncapped web hosting. FULL STORY >


The world's most expensive broadband

By Johan Keyter 9 February 2011

As South Africans we've become accustomed to high broadband prices, but our financial woes are nothing compared to that of the people of Turkmenistan. FULL STORY >

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