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Liezel van der Westhuizen

By Mike Joubert 8 June 2009


The only reason we watched Idols was for Liezel van der Westhuizen. She tells us more about her involvement with the BlackBerry Urban Tours, her love of gaming and life after Idols. FULL STORY >


The Pirates rrrr coming to Europe

By Mike Joubert 8 June 2009

In April The Pirate Bay four was sentenced to a year in prison, and had to cough up $4.5m in damages. Today their political party, the Pirate Party, has a seat in the European Parliament. FULL STORY >


Bees prefer conical flowers

By Linda Pretorius 5 June 2009

According to a study recently published in the journal Current Biology it???s easier to get a grip on flowers with conical cells on their petals than on those with smooth petals. FULL STORY >


New lineup for Sony Ericsson

By Mike Joubert 5 June 2009

Sony Ericsson have opted for some exotic names for three of their new phones. FULL STORY >


Justin Hartman Interview

By Mike Joubert 4 June 2009

Justin Hartman is one of Africa???s Internet pioneers. As MD and co-founder of Afrigator - Africa\'s largest social media aggregator and blog directory, he is blazing a trail for the rest of us to follow. TechSmart caught up with him to discuss Gatorpeeps- their... FULL STORY >


Celebrities share their iGoogle

By Thomas McKinnon 4 June 2009

View and share your favourite celebrity???s homepage with Google???s new iGoogle Showcase. FULL STORY >


New Xbox control system

By Thomas McKinnon 3 June 2009

Microsoft unveiled a new control system at E3 in the US yesterday, Project Natal. FULL STORY >


Wolfram searches for feedback

By Thomas McKinnon 3 June 2009

Wolfram Research, the company behind Wolfram Alpha, is looking for some feedback on their new ?ǣComputational Knowledge Engine.??? FULL STORY >


Bada Bing

By Mike Joubert 2 June 2009

Bing is Microsoft???s latest attempt to strangle a bit of the search market away from Google and to a lesser extent Yahoo. FULL STORY >


Manufacturing stars

By Thomas McKinnon 1 June 2009

The US???s National Ignition Facility in Livermore, California, is hoping to recreate conditions that exist at the very centre of the Sun, here on Earth. FULL STORY >


Seacom Cable arrived

By Mike Joubert 1 June 2009

After what seems like ages the Seacom undersea fibre optics cable finally arrived at Mtunzini close to Durban. FULL STORY >

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