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Consoles going Jurassic- Spielberg

By Mike Joubert 22 May 2009


In a recent interview with The Guardian, Spielberg stated that in future we might play games on TV screens without the need for consoles. Spielberg recently developed Boom Blox for the Wii in conjunction with Electronic Arts. FULL STORY >


HP recalls Notebook batteries

By Thomas McKinnon 21 May 2009

HP has announced the recall of approximately 70 000 Lithium-Ion batteries used in Hewlett-Packard and Compaq notebook computers. FULL STORY >


Nokia E75 launched

By Mike Joubert 21 May 2009

The Nokia E75 debuted today at a function held in Rivonia. Having seen far too many touch-screens recently it is nice to come across a phone working with a good old-fashioned keypad and keyboard. FULL STORY >


IBM System S

By Thomas McKinnon 20 May 2009

IBM has made available a unique ?ǣstream computing??? software that falls under their Smarter Planet banner, at no cost to their clients. FULL STORY >


Computer Corporation Golf Day

By Mike Joubert 20 May 2009

On Wednesday TechSmart attended Computer Corporation???s annual Golf Day at the Magaliesberg Golf Club. FULL STORY >


New Sony Alpha DSLRs

By Mike Joubert 19 May 2009

The three are aimed at the entry level market and is expected to boost Sony???s current DSLR range. The three cameras include the Sony Alpha DSLR-A230L, the DSLR-A330L and DSLR-A380L. FULL STORY >


Scribd to open online store

By Thomas McKinnon 18 May 2009

The US based document sharing website Scribd is set to open a commercial channel this week. FULL STORY >


Ashtray Electric

By Andrew Gould 15 May 2009

Rockers Ashtray Electric has just released their debut album called Bonjour. We spoke to guitarist Rudi Cronje about his special Fender Stratocaster, all things Mac and the benefits of a good cellphone. FULL STORY >


MTN dropped calls issue

By Mike Joubert 15 May 2009

Cellular service provider MTN says that recent problems with dropped calls boil down to problems with either a) Telkom, or b) Eskom. FULL STORY >


New Things With Old Tech

By Andrew Gould 14 May 2009

Do you have some PC junk and other stuff cluttering your living space? Our DIY Dude gives some hints and tips on how to do New Things With Old Tech. FULL STORY >


Enamel microstructure

By Linda Pretorius 14 May 2009

It was a difficult problem to crack, but scientists can at last explain why our teeth (usually) don???t shatter after a lifetime of biting and chewing. FULL STORY >

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