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Lenovo Rising

By Mike Joubert 7 January 2010


TechSmart was invited by computer manufacturer Lenovo to spend a few days in Beijing, capital of China and the heart of Lenovo operations. We came back with the impression that this Chinese dragon is not in dreamland anymore. FULL STORY >


The Best of the MWC 2010

By Hanleigh Daniels 1 March 2010

Last month saw the world's cellphone manufacturers peacocking their latest and greatest at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. Once again smartphones ruled the roost. FULL STORY >


Maemo 5 OS

By Thomas McKinnon 4 February 2010

Does Maemo represent the future for Nokia smartphones? It's fresh, adept at browsing and multitasking and its interface is optimised for touch- things Symbian struggles with. FULL STORY >


Google in China

By Mike Joubert 2 February 2010

Google have said that they will radically change their China policy after a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack", originated from the country in December 2009, resulting in intellectual property being stolen and human rights activists' accounts being hacked. FULL STORY >


CES Magnifique

By Mike Joubert 1 February 2010

The 33rd annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas is done and dusted for another year, and in its wake a roadmap to where electronics is heading for the foreseeable future is plain for all to see. So where are we heading and who's driving? FULL STORY >


Five Furious Games for 2010

By Staff Writer 11 January 2010

2010 is shaping up to be an awesome year to be a gamer. Here are five hot titles to look forward to. FULL STORY >


Intel Brain Chip Research

By Thomas McKinnon 11 January 2010

Intel's Dean Pomerleau is currently working on a project to implant chips directly in the human brain. The electronic chips will allow humans to operate computers, surf the web and manipulate other electronic devices without the need of a third party interface, like a... FULL STORY >


Trends for 2010 and beyond

By Thomas McKinnon 7 January 2010

2010 looks to be stocked with some awesome new advances on the technological front. We stare into our crystal ball to predict the big technology trends for the coming 365 days. FULL STORY >


Filming HD Video on dSLRs

By Mike Joubert 2 December 2009

On 27 August 2008 Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon dropped a bombshell on an unsuspecting camera world. Their latest digital single lens reflex camera, the 12 megapixel D90, included a feature that no DSLR had before the ability to record video in high definition. FULL STORY >


Best Buys For Xmas

By Mike Joubert 1 December 2009

Looking for that special something, for that special someone, who loves gadgets Here are some of our Best Buys for Xmas suggestions. FULL STORY >


Top Tech 2009

By Staff Writer 30 November 2009

Our annual list of the 10 products or technologies that achieved benchmark status holds few surprises this year. In a tough economic year it was the big boys like Apple, HTC and Google that stood out. FULL STORY >

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