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MWC - The tablets are coming

By Johan Keyter 7 March 2011


A slew of new tablets have stepped forth for their shot at fame at the Mobile World Congress recently held in Barcelona, Spain. FULL STORY >


The Big Issue - The Google Plus social network

By Ryan Noik 16 August 2011

The launch of Google Plus had pundits, tech analysts and users scratching their head over what exactly it is. FULL STORY >


The house of the future

By Mike Joubert 11 July 2011

We check out four concepts that might just change the way we live in the future. FULL STORY >


The Big Issue - the right to internet access

By Johan Keyter 5 July 2011

Last month the United Nations released a report which counts internet access as a human right, instead of a privilege. FULL STORY >


E3: The best gaming has to offer

By Johan Keyter 5 July 2011

E3's marked on every serious gamer's calendar, since it's here that the best new releases and products get revealed. FULL STORY >


AMD vs Nvidia - GPU FIGHT

By Hanleigh Daniels 7 June 2011

The rivalry between graphics processing unit GPU makers Nvidia and AMD is one of the fiercest in the world of tech, with both manufacturers want their devices powering your PC's graphics. We introduce the top contenders. FULL STORY >


Samsung Forum 2011

By Mike Joubert 7 June 2011

Samsung recently hosted its Africa Forum 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. The event showcased the Korean brand's latest products, giving journalists from around Africa the opportunity to interact with the latest products. Here are our top choices from the Forum. FULL STORY >


The Big Issue - PlayStation Network hack

By Johan Keyter 7 June 2011

When it comes to online gaming services most PS3 fans opt for the free PlayStation Network. Last month however this sentiment met some challenge as the PSN and a number of other Sony services suffered hacker attacks. FULL STORY >


The Big Issue - Group buying sites

By Johan Keyter 9 May 2011

Group-buying, or collective-buying depending on who you're listening to, is a relatively new online shopping experience, but one that has taken the world, and now South Africa, by storm. FULL STORY >


MWC- The age of the smartphone

By Hanleigh Daniels 7 March 2011

If you needed any more confirmation that smartphones are ruling the roost, MWC provided it in bucket-loads. FULL STORY >


Consumer Electronics Show 2011 - Hot products

By Staff Writer 9 February 2011

We delve into all the amazing products on display at CES 2011. FULL STORY >

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