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How to Print a Wooden Bumper-sticker

By Andrew Gould 11 September 2009


A step by step guide to making a wooden bumpersticker to show just how green you are. FULL STORY >


Filming HD Video on dSLRs

By Mike Joubert 2 December 2009

On 27 August 2008 Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon dropped a bombshell on an unsuspecting camera world. Their latest digital single lens reflex camera, the 12 megapixel D90, included a feature that no DSLR had before the ability to record video in high definition. FULL STORY >


Best Buys For Xmas

By Mike Joubert 1 December 2009

Looking for that special something, for that special someone, who loves gadgets Here are some of our Best Buys for Xmas suggestions. FULL STORY >


Top Tech 2009

By Staff Writer 30 November 2009

Our annual list of the 10 products or technologies that achieved benchmark status holds few surprises this year. In a tough economic year it was the big boys like Apple, HTC and Google that stood out. FULL STORY >


Win with Nokia and Ovi Maps

By Staff Writer 27 November 2009

How to win R15 000 towards your dream holiday and a Nokia 6710 Navigator. Register with Ovi, plan your dream South African holiday and let Nokia know why its your dream. FULL STORY >


The Office Gizmo Guide

By Hanleigh Daniels 3 November 2009

Every office needs a few gadgets to distract us from the monotony of the day. We\'ve put together a guide to a few of the more random gizmos you can put on your desk or store in your drawer for a rainy day. FULL STORY >


Google Books Under Fire

By Mike Joubert 2 November 2009

Google\'s ambitions to digitise all the books in the world have been simultaneously applauded and criticised. While Google claims its intentions are noble some point towards its growing monopoly on access to information. FULL STORY >


Gadgets are a girls best friend

By Christina Rupp 15 October 2009

Gadgets for women shouldn\'t merely be pink versions of cellphones or iPods. They should be stylish, simple and easy to use. Women are complicated enough. TechSmart thinks its time for some uncomplicated gadgets. We have a few suggestions... FULL STORY >


Windows 7 - What you need to know

By Mike Joubert 6 October 2009

Microsoft\'s Windows 7 is set for release towards the end of the month. We look at some need-to-know info and highlights before the big day. Helpful tips, insights and links included. We just can\'t wait. FULL STORY >


Reaching the next billion

By Thomas McKinnon 5 October 2009

South Africa was ground zero for the development of mibli, powered by Microsoft OneApp. The platform enables basic handsets to run mobile apps like Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. Can it reach the next billion? FULL STORY >


Digital Photography Book Reviews

By Mike Joubert 14 September 2009

Getting into digital photography can be rather daunting. The equipment is expensive and jargon. We look at two books that take you back to basics. FULL STORY >

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