Looking for the best websites to spend some quality time on? Look no further than our Web Time Wasters segment, where we bring you the best and most interesting websites from across the globe.

Avatar Forum

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 January 2010


Pandora, from the film Avatar, is not a real planet. A simple concept for most of us to grasp, but apparently some people are struggling to cope with this harsh reality. One of the more interesting threads on the Avatar Forums offers those in despair some tips on coping. FULL STORY >


Holiday Web Time Wasters 2009

By Thomas McKinnon 15 December 2009

Killing time over the holidays can be a tough task. We came across four sites that will keep you occupied for hours and get you through the December break if youre staying at home this year. FULL STORY >


Bing versus Google

By Staff Writer 24 November 2009

Can\'t decide which offers better results? Bing or Google? There\'s no need to choose. Search engine results comparison tools are numerous and free. FULL STORY >


Search engine de-optimisation

By Staff Writer 16 November 2009

Randomised search results and bizarre Facebook status updates, the web caters to any and all tastes. FULL STORY >


A1GP Tipping Game

By Thomas McKinnon 19 October 2009

An online A1 prediction competition, the A1 Tipping Game lets you predict the results of each Grand Prix in the season. With weekly prizes and the thrill of pretending to be a pundit it\'s good fun. FULL STORY >


TinEye Reverse Search

By Mike Joubert 5 October 2009

While Reverse Image Search might sound a little silly, it isnt. Searching for images using images just makes sense. FULL STORY >


August Web Time Wasters

By Mike Joubert 11 August 2009

If you???ve got some time to kill online we???ve got a few suggestions?Ǫ photo over-sharing, the most amazing site on the internet and F2P MMORPGs. FULL STORY >



By Mike Joubert 30 July 2009

One of the hippest sites you???ll find on SA culture for free, gratis, verniet and of course mahala. FULL STORY >



By Mike Joubert 17 July 2009

Posterous is the self-proclaimed place to post everything. It apparently makes blogging as easy to do as sending an email. FULL STORY >



By Mike Joubert 3 July 2009

Stripgenerator takes away all the drawing needed to make your own comic strip. FULL STORY >


Tilt Shift Maker

By Mike Joubert 2 July 2009

Tilt Shift Maker is a little Java applet that will give your images the exact tilt-shift look it takes other hours, or a lot of bucks, to perfect. FULL STORY >

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