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If you've been enjoying Anthony Hopkins in HBO's Westworld, you may be glad to see him in Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight. While this sort of film is not his usual modus operandi, perhaps he can add some much needed gravitas to a film franchise which has been sorely lacking in recent outings. With this now the fifth Transformers film, The Last Knight has received its first official trailer and director Bay has tapped the knighted Welsh actor to narrate it. 

It makes for quite the contrast, as Hopkins' voice juxtaposes with the CGI-laden and explosion filled trailer. Added to this is the fact that we're not quite sure what's going on in The Last Knight. The trailer (featured below) seems to travel through different eras in time, starting off in medieval Britain (from what we can tell) to Nazi Germany, before arriving at present day with Mark Wahlberg as the main protagonist.  

Also featuring heavily is Optimus Prime (voiced once again by Peter Cullen), who is initially hurtling in space as he tries to find his creators. After a bevy of explosions, we then see Prime fighting against Bumblebee. Could the leader of the Autobots now be the bad guy? Hit play below and try to decipher for yourself.  


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